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Artistic Artifacts: Try Something New in 2022

Artistic Artifacts: Try Something New in 2022


Make this new year a chance to try something new and get those creative juices flowing at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria! Artistic Artifacts is so much more than just a fabric store; not only can you explore rows and rows of different fabrics and textiles but you can also take part in an educational workshop. Owner Judy Gula teaches multiple different crafty art forms, anything from batik processes, gelli arts and embellishments to how to create collage art quilts. 

You will also find some interesting new things that you won’t see in just any craft store. Wooden printing blocks and wooden block paints with the perfect amount of body to coat the wood can also be found at Artistic Artifacts. Variety of different inks and paints, fabrics, papers, and even copper batik tjaps are just a few of the other interesting craft items you might see on the shelves.